Assignment III – Career Tract

I have done my part on Assignment III – Pros and Cons of Academician Pharmacists. This assignment is done in group, by five people, Arivu, Me, Wency, Jiawen, Wei Siah. My part is hard to find as academician pharmacists are not that popular… This career tract aims to help us research our future career. There are 3 career talks given by guest lecturers, namely Clinical pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, and academician pharmacists. I was suppose to finish this by 8pm of Sunday, but due to procrastination and internet, I only managed to finish it by 1am.. Now I have to compile everyone’s report and do the reference.

Now I have few works to do, physiology tutorials, masteringmicrobiology, masteringAandP, two practical reports….and study FINALS! I just finished quiz on Friday, and I will have finals on next month, time flies, it was like yesterday when I first came to UCSI. Now first semester is going to end, I have better prepare myself for knowledge waiting for me to collect. Now beside my table, I have Microbiology: An Introduction by Tortora, Human Anatomy and Physiology by Marieb, The Central Science by Lemay. Three textbooks for Microbiology, Physiology, and General Chemistry respectively. I heard we will only be using The central Science for one semester, I shall see if that’s worth the money to buy the photostatted book. Once again, Shaun, stop procrastinating and stop worrying, and start doing, of course, start doing after planning.

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