Career talk

Today is a normal saturday, but I have to wake up early to go to UCSI. We have career talk II and III today. The talks are about community pharmacy and academic pharmacy. The talk starts at 10am, so Karyee and I went to eat at mamak stall nearby. After eating, we went to library before the talk starts. I borrowed Martin’s physical pharmacy and communications in pharmacy book by Tindall. I have to pay RM1 fine because I returned my books late. I successfully login to the library OPAC system, i accessed my account.

The career talk is conducted by Ms. Mandy Loh of Hope pharmacy, Kota Damansara and Ms. Wan Mun Yi, our lecturer. They gave us their insights into the roles of their field, responsibilities (skills and characteristics), job prospect, and salary. It was an inspiring talk as I feel that me bring a pharmacist is possible with all these talks. I have to start setting my mood to bring a pharmacist. After the talk, I met my group member for Assignment III (career tract). We decided to distribute our work next Tuesday.

Then, I went home with Karyee. The whole day is wasted on I should stop procrastinating and start doing and revising. I have one more week left to revise my professional skills and General chemistry quiz. In the meantime, I have to finish my microbiology practical V and Assignment III. I should be able to finish revising these two subjects in 2 days, I better start now.

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