Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

I am suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It started when I was planning to take control of my study style, I fear that I will miss out on lectures and books. This is tiring and time consuming. I want everything to be organized but it is not possible as too many sudden things can happen. I cannot sit still and study as my mind was overwhelmed by the tasks I have planned to do. Even though I have planned my things and written down the tasks, I will constantly recheck my schedule to make sure I wrote them down in correct sequence. The reason for my OCD is probably due to insecurity in the university lifestyle, as I am currently still new to this new lifestyle, I want to take control of it, and this generates much worries.

Now I have thought of some tips to deal with this.

  1. After you jot down your things, just leave it.
  2. Don’t write multiple copies of the same stuff.
  3. Focus and leave things behind when you need to study.
  4. Relax and play games/ sport/ movie/ read books once in a while.
I hope I use these tips to help me. If I can spend less time on planning, and start working on things I have planned, I can save more time, enjoy more free time, and worry less. I believe OCD is really tying me down in achieving my potential. In conclusion, be less OCD, instead, do more work.

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