3rd day at UCSI

Today is the 3rd day at UCSI, I’m studying pharmacy, since the first day here, me and Karyee were busy handling our procedure and catching up with the course.
Today we have experiment for microbiology. I am in Group 19 while Karyee is in Group 18. There are 3 person per group. The practical is the first practical of microbiology.There are 3 parts to the experiment, the first part is sterilization, where we will learn aseptic techniques, sterilization is basic to microbiology as it kills of bacteria to avoid cross contamination. Part B is culture methods, there are 4 methods of culturing bacteria. Broth culture, agar slope culture, stab culture and plate cultures. Loop wire and straight wire is different, loop wire has a loop on the tip, while straight wire is straight. Every time we use the loop wire or straight wire, we have to use the sterilization method, which is to heat it until red hot. For  test tubes and culture bottles, we sterilize by heating the neck of the tubes and bottles. We dip the loop wire or straight wire into the broth solution or bacteria on agar. Then we either streak or stab the agar. Part C is motility evaluation. This is to differentiate between true motility and Brownian motion. Species used are Pseudomonas and A. Aureus.
Besides that, we have general chemistry class. Dr Gabriel taught about Raoult’s law and Henry’s law, and only ideal solutions follow these two laws. There are positive deviation and negative deviation due to solution not behaving ideally.
I went back around 5.30pm and reached Karyee’s place at 7pm. We ate and we organize our timetable. There are many things to do tomorrow such as PTPTN, practical time crash, course selection and check the result of the experiment.

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