Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant

Today after church, Karyee and I went to Giant, Kota Damansara. Karyee’s dad fetch us to Giant. Upon reaching Giant, we decided to eat our breakfast before buying clothes. We ate at JCO Donuts. We picked 3 doughnuts and ordered two hot cappuccino.

After breakfast, we went upstairs to buy clothes. I bought 4 T-shirts with Karyee, totalling RM127. Actually, there are cheaper shirts (2 for RM50) with better cutting in shop downstairs, but we didn’t go there before we buy the clothes. 
Then, we went to Petsmore to buy seanzai’s bedding. The bedding costs RM21.90. We thought of buying some toys for him but the toy are either too small to fit seanzai’s body or too large to accommodate in his cage. We ordered one J.Cool yogurt (couple) for RM10. There are variety of fruits and snacks to choose from. We chose strawberries, grapes and milo cereal. 
At home, Karyee and I washed seanzai’s cage filled with excrement. We spread the bedding on seanzai’s cage to a height of 1.5cm, mixed with some fibre grass. Seanzai doesn’t seem too adapt to his new environment yet. Now he put his foods inside his box instead of leaving them outside.
Around 6pm, I went out with family to Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant near Kampung Kayu Ara (karyee’s area). We start with appetizer (peanut and soured mango). Then, we have the Yu Sheng. After that, we have salted egg yolk crab, “Siong Thong Lala”, fried squid, steamed fish, pucuk paku tossed with chunks of canned tuna, chili and garlic. 

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