More movie with Karyee and Family

Today, I woke up at 7.00am and get ready to go to Karyee’s house. I reached Karyee’s house at 7.30am. Karyee and family was still asleep so i proceed to read Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. I download Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as requested by Karyee.

The book describe the wave pattern of women’s intimacy cycle. Women will reach a peak of happiness before falling into depression and distress. This cycle is important to women and it is normal for women to reach to the bottom before rising up again. This process repeats around 28 days. When a men observes depression and distress in his girlfriend, he may misinterpret it as his girlfriend being sad about certain problem and the sadness will go away when the problem is solved. What men do not know is that the depression and distress are not caused by outside factor but it’s an intimacy cycle. Men may get angry if women are sad again, misinterpreting it as problem not being solved. Men can help by showing his girlfriend love and care when she is in her depressing and distress mood, acknowledge that it is a process that must occur naturally and not blaming on himself over such situation.

At around 10.50am, we drove to GSC, One-Utama. There, we bought popcorn, chicken nuggets and mineral water. We enter the cinema at 11.10am. The movie is very interesting and I will give it 7/10, same as Karyee. The movie title is Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. It is the sequel of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Journey to the Center of the Earth is based on novel of the same name by Jules Verne.

After the movie, we went to Chilis to eat our lunch. I ordered a BBQ Ranch Burger. The proportion of the food is larger than average. We also ordered Molten Chocolate Cake. The cake consists of chocolate cake surrounded by molten chocolate with a chocolate fudge filling topped with vanilla ice-cream under a crunchy chocolate shell. The cake is delicious and the mix between hot chocolate and cold vanilla ice-cream is great!

Karyee and I went to MPH to buy present for Cheng Yi. We bought a cardboard decoration with photo frame for Cheng Yi. We went home at around 3pm.          

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