Movie with Karyee and Family

8.00pm, Karyee’s family and I went to One-U to watch movie. The movie All’s Well End’s Well 2012 starts at 10pm. We have 2 hours to spare, we walk from new wing to old wing and ate at O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bar. Karyee and I ordered a Beef and Horseradish sandwich. Karyee ordered a carrot mix orange juice. I ordered an iced coffee.
Later, we went to speedy to find “sanctum”. The time is 9.30pm, we went to the food court to buy foods to be eaten in the cinema. We bought few sausages, ham, and takoyaki. According to wikipedia,

Takoyaki (ใŸใ“็„ผใor ่›ธ็„ผ?, literally fried or grilled octopus) is a popular ball-shaped Japanese dumpling or more like a savory pancakemade of batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan (see below).

At 10pm, we bought few bottles of mineral water from the cinema counter and we enter the cinema. The movie is in cantonese and it was nice. We leave One-U at 12.30pm.

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