Peer pressure

Peer is defined as a person of the same age, status, or ability as another specified person. Peer pressure exists at every level of social status e.g. working, studying, teaching.

Peer pressure maybe be constructive or destructive.

Peer pressure can be constructive in the case of finishing an assignment. A better person in a group will influence members in the group to work harder to finish the task. Besides that, peer pressure helps to improve the lives of its members. When a person in the group is better in terms of monetary status, behavior, emotional control or intelligence, members of the group will tend to improve themselves to fit in the group. In the work environment, a positive peer pressure is called benign peer pressure.

Peer pressure becomes destructive when people use dirty tricks to eliminate their peers. When a person is threatened by peer pressure, they may use tricks such as name-calling, back stabbing and not sharing information.

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