Can Money buy Happiness

Money serves as a trade medium in modern days, olden days, people trade in the barter system which is inefficient and inconvenient.

Can money buy happiness? It depends on the situation. For a family that is very poor, some money will relieve of their pain and burden, hence making them happy. But, for a person who is born in a wealthy family, may not acquire the same level of happiness compared to poor people. Rich people gets money easily and hence do not value the importance of money.
Money can also buy happiness for a person that is in need of something but is unable to get it due to lack of money. Money helps to fulfill a person’s dream, like a trip to Disneyland for kids.
Sometimes, money cannot buy happiness. For example, in the case of a tragedy, no amount of money can restore the situation. Money cannot do miracles like bringing the dead alive.
Money sometimes can bring frustration and insecurity. For a person that gain a lot of money, he/she will starts to worry about the sustainability of the money. He/she may be worried about losing the money and hence losing everything.
In conclusion, money can buy happiness but can also bring frustration and insecurity.

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