It has been hard to keep a blog. I have read a lot of news lately and i think it is better for me to adopt a reading lifestyle. Me and Karyee is progressing quite good lately and i hope that we will continue this way.

Exam is here, next week wednesday we have chemistry and thursday we have biology and pengajian am paper 1. Chemistry requires a lot of understanding of the concepts while biology is more towards the facts and lots of reading. Pengajian am paper 1 is just theory on the perlembagaan and pentadbiran of Malaysia.

It will be a tough week, but i shall take it lightly as i know that examination is not the determination of one’s capabilities. It has nothing to do with measuring one’s intelligence.

Tomorrow i will go to Sunway University College to attend a crime prevention seminar. I shall wear formal as the Chief Police Officer is coming to give the talk at Auditorium 7. I should not be late tomorrow, i will arrive at school at 7.15am.

Last note, keep your hands off the internet!

Good luck in life, hope you have a good day.

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