Summary of STPM subjects:
1) Biology requires a lot of memorization of key words and names. Lots of writing and reading helps. I should practice different types of questions as the the facts must be applied correctly and familiarize myself with the common questions.

2) Mathematics needs lots of practicing and thinking.

3) Chemistry’s central concept is how matters work at atomic level. The first chapter introduces the atom and mass spectrometer. Second chapter deals with gas. The characteristics of gas, when it is ideal and real. The three important laws of gas that leads to the ideal gas equation. The third chapter teaches about the properties of solids and liquids, the shapes of solid crystal lattice and vapour pressure concept.

4) Muet needs a lot of reading and speaking.

5) Pengajian Am demands reading and ability to convert linear texts to non-linear text and vice versa.

I can still cope with the studies, while i’m searching for tuition teachers, i do my own revision at home, via the internet. Slacking (cyber-slacking) and procrastination is not allowed anymore.

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