jpa interview

Today, 6am woke up. 6.30 set off to putrajaya from home. i wore a white long sleeve formal cloth, with black slacks and leather shoe.and a red tie lol


PRESINT 5 62000

PUTRAJAYA WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN (PUTRAJAYA) and the interview is on 8am. im applying for PILN (Program Ijazah Luar Negara).

so i rush to see the name list. there are 25 panels with 25 names in each panel.
im in panel 4, number 15.
so i arranged my documents. I.C., slip keputusan spm, my birthcert, my dad’s birthcert, sijil berhenti sekolah, my dad’s I.C., Slip gaji bapa, kokurikulum marks, borang pengesahan pendapatan bulanan keluarga, borang pengesahan kehadiran dan penilaian program pendedahan kerjaya seorang doktor.
with salinan of I.C., my dad’s I.C., my birthcert, my dad’s birthcert, borang pengesahan pendapatan bulanan keluarga.
inside the big door, there are many sections, each sections has 4 doors. 2 facing each other.
i registered my name and sat down. talked to a stranger sitting beside me. hehe. they arrange us into groups of 5. number 1-5 in first group, number 6-10 in second group, number 11-15 in third group. so im in third group.
i heard from the malay boy..that there will be a group discussion and one part of introduction.
so i sat there, first group enter. and they took 45 minutes inside……
so i waited there..wait wait wait second group in and out, took 40 minutes…
so it’s my turn. but the interviewer went for a short break, like 10 minutes.
so it’s my turn, they give me my (im the last in my group, -.- meaning i have to give opinion other than what they give, and im last..)
we went in, the room is quite rectangular…quite small..
three interviewer sitting in front of us, with 5 chairs arrange in horizontal.
so we sat down, say selamat pagi.
there are two chinese and one malay. one chinese guy and one chinse woman. and the malay is a man.
the malay guy introduce themselves to us. the chinse guy named david is the jpa guy.. and the malay guy is from some state (forgot), and the chinese woman comes from intan? where?
so he told us what to do in the next 45 minutes. first 10 minutes will be introduction..then they will give us a current issue for us to discuss among ourselves for 7 minutes..then we have 2 minutes each to voice our opinions in malay and english. meaning speak 2 times. and we will eat up the rest of the time.
time is 10.20 a.m., so we introduce ourselves. the first chinese girl, dressed in baju kurung with leather shoe speaks. then the interviewer asked, what is special about you. -.- then she answered she was in plkn before..(add points) and she was having fun..her introduction is in english..but i think we better to use malay because the interviewer talked mostly in malay..then she says she want to take pharmacy.
second guy is indian, so he malay -.- i forgot what he said, but quite ok.
then third guy is indian too.. he says he is good in chess..represent school and state of selangor..then interviewer asked him, what is his favourite opening. then he said some term which i dont understand. then the indian guy says he can speak chinese too -_-!!!!!!
fourth malay girl, about my height. dressed in baju kurung and leather shoes. she has so many ko-kurikkulum activities -.- she said something like olympiad math contest, best uniform team?, ketua biro prefect, and stuff lah…she talk quite long. i saw her memorizing her script outside..and i think i dont have my script -.- lol..
5th guy, a chinese. i speak…first i introduce my name, im the eldest in the family, and i said why i want to apply for PILN scholarship, due to financial issues, then introduce my parent’s occupation. and then i said why i want to be in the medical field. and my kokurikulum in school.
Then, he asked us about our country of choice ( i think they wont ask about why you choose the country – read in forum). so everyone say india, then i say russia -.- coz it’s cheap..then they will approve the country.
then is group discussion. the topic is “due to the shortage of doctors in malaysia, foreign doctors from india, pakistan, myammar and phillipines are hired”. then he asked us to discuss..
then discuss lo, arranged out chairs in circle. the malay girl start the talk..polite..then we talk talk talk talk talk. i said, we should let the foreign doctors to enter malaysia, but with short term contract..blahblahblah.. then we went on talking about the benefit of hiring them..economy, knowledge,, dont dominate the whole conversation..the malay girl knows this, and asks us to talk.
then 7 minutes is up, we arranged ourselves back to horizontal again. then starting from first girl to me in malay, then from first girl again to me in english.
the malay girl will do the conclusion. then i speak something about we shouldn’t hire them because this money can be used to hire malaysians who are working abroad. then the interviewer says that this is another issue, the malaysian’s dont want to work in malaysia after graduating. then he asked me, will i return to malaysia after graduating. then i say yes..-.- i know is
the discussion is over. i went and shake one of the interviewer’s hands.
then went out, with happy faces. i just leave it to luck and god to determine whether i get the scholarship or not.
so i went back home around 11.15a.m.
first time interview, and i did it spontaneously. i hope i did not said anything inappropriate.
conclusion: read more newspapers lah. learn to voice our opinion lah. buy formal cloths lah. enter more contests lah.-.-
note: family income is also an important factor. if you are too rich, they will ask you why you want to take the scholarship.

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