Yesterday, i dreamt a nightmare..-.-

yesterday, i went to lakeside campus for a visit -.-
we reached there about 7.30a.m.
then we ride the bus for 15 minutes and reach lakeside campus.
we went to the LT1. lecture theater 1.
the design is quite normal..yellow seats..the only thing is different is the slide thing.where u can put ur things..
later, we went for lunch, simple lunch.
then we started going around the campus.
we went to the library…the library has 4 floors. and the computer room is inside the library..they have 4 rooms with mac computers.
then we went to the lake -.- the lake is dirty..and greenish
then we went to LT13, this LT is quite different from others. the wall is mirror facing the lake. nice view
then we went to different sections…blahblahblah…
home.lazy to blog

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