driving VICTORY!!!

Today, around 7a.m. Uncle Lee came and fetch me. with one girl and one guy from DJ..

we went to cheras (surfine hitech headquarter) to take our car test..for me is
bahagian 2: slope, parking, three point turn
bahagian 3: on the road
my number is quite early, no23 hehe, so lucky..and they two is just behind me..
wait at the pondok there, called us…
the jpj woman so strict, fail so many person at the slope..must be in the yellow line, slight out also cannot..
my turn, so nervous, went into the car..gear 1, pull down brake, release clutch, car move…accelerate broom on the yellow line…
but she said it’s not my turn yet -_-
so roll down the car do again…geat 1, pull down brake, release clutch, car move…accelerate brooom on the yellow line…hehe she ask me to continue
so i gear 1, press accelerator, release clutch, feel the car moving…pull down hand brake…nice went passed.
go out of car, take the form…time for parking..
i chose 3rd line..went out, give the form to the officer..do my parking..
*remember my steps remember my steps* i forgot one step -.- and all messed up…
but i managed to park it (after reverse and move for so many times), i hurried to finish my three point turn..
three point turn is the easiest among all..finish it within 2 minutes..put my car…go out of car and head to the officer..
-_- and he fail me..because i exceed the time limit (5 minutes), my time is 5minutes 8 seconds…i was so -_- =.=.
then, on the road test..in the car, move the seat, check the 3 mirrors, checked the viper, checked the signal, seat belt…done
me: selamat pagi
me: *do all the checking*
jpj: pergi jalan satu
saya: *silence*
stoped at the traffic light..turn on signal to the left..free gear, hand brake..phew last time i fail at this point..yes..no complain, nothing, continue
roundabout…signal to the right…turn turn turn nice nice nice..stopped before line, look right, look left, no car. go
going to the main road..stopped, free gear, hand brake..signal the the right..yes! into the correct lane..my second time fail at this spot…no complain, nothing, continue..
now on main road..on gear 3…drive drive drive reached traffic light..stopped, free gear, hand brake..signal to the left..ok turn okok nice
then suddenly, one dead dog there..-.- sorry i bang it..it’s already dead..sorry…
jpj: kamu ni…anging pun nak langgar…
then one lorry blocking (-.- so many extraordinary things today..) signal to the right, go into another lane and then come back to original lane, by passed the lorry.
on the 30k.p.h road, school beside, so must drive slow..
now housing area, turn into right, then do a U-turn…when going back to main road..there is a mini slope. so must do mini slope steps..ok smooth nice
back to headquarter…she gaved me 16/20!!! the passing mark is 16…she is so nice to me…-.- although very strict + fierce..
i have to take my slope, parking and three point turn test again..and the cost is rm165…
my driving test record:
on the road : 2 times passed
slope, parking, three point turn: 3 times not yet pass..
money wasted: from undang to P: about rm 1600+..if i can pass this slope, parking, three point turn this time.. it should be rm 1600+
-.- easy one must pass this time…and my L licence going to expire soon -.- must renew..
then went back to college..usual stuff..and i ..have to go interview at jpa putrajaya on next tue -.- i just go there for fun

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