Second day at hospital

Today is the last day of the kursus pendedahan kerjaya seorang doktor..

i woke up at around 6.30a.m. my dad use his motorcycle and bring me to hospital selayang, reached there about 8a.m.
waited in a seminar room for 45 minutes, the time is 8.45a.m.
one guy name suresh, i think he is the director managing something of hospital selayang.
He told us not only work because of money, but work with passion and caring.
9a.m. waited at the waiting place filled with lots of people….wait until 11am…the doctor was buzy so she cannot come and see us. so next program>>>
we went for O&G ward. Matron Siti Mani Abdullah brief us about the attitude a doctor must have..same as yesterday..
Then one Dr O&G came and talk to us…O&G stands for obstetrical & gynaecological. Obstetrics (from the Latin obstare, “to stand by”) is the surgical specialty dealing with the care of women and their children during pregnancy,childbirth and postnatal. Gynaecology or gynecology [1] is the medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive system (uterus, vagina, and ovaries).
The doctor asked everyone of us “why do you want to be doctor”. So the first person, a malay girl says she wants to help people, help the society and doctor say it was a lame answer and asks us to think something different (with a soft tone, no offence). Second person, kar seng speaks about his history, how doctor mistreated his grandpa and ended up dying. Jack talk about her aunt? And one malay girl is unsure of what to want to choose, she wants to study law but was forced by her mother to pursue the medical field. Iz says being doctor has been her childhood dream..she asked doctor lots of question instead of answering. Iz states that she has 10 siblings and her mum was a nurse. I said that the main reason is because im interested in the human body, how it works, how to improve health. and in the process of taking medicine, i will learn more about medicine, much more because the course forces you to know anything about medicine..and i want to be the first doctor in my family, to inspire the next generation…besides that my character suits the job, 24 hour on call or maybe 36 hours…you cannot be an extrovert to do this job, you have to study for life…and sharon talked about her mum..and the indian girl beside me said the job does not suit her because she is an introvert =.=…

Doctor tolds us the path to become a specialist then consultant. First, we have to enter the medical school (our main goal, thinking about speciality is the later case because we don’t know exactly what speciality are there and what does each do). Study about 5 or 6 years in medical school. then we will study for our masters. then study for specialist. then become a specialist. then consultant.

Later he asked us to form questions about medical school. sharon asked when do we have to choose our speciality as her speciality is pediatric. doctor told us not to think about speciality first, think about ways to enter medical school and study medical degree. i think medical degree is about general medical knowledge. later only specialise. i asked whether a doctor must know everything about medicine (stupid question). he answer err..i cannot answer everything about medicine but i can tell u about my area ( then he give me some terms about O&G to prove he knows his area well). i wonder will doctors get 100% in their test..because they have to know the ins and outs of the field they study (e.g. O&G). An one malay girl asked why he chose the O&G field, i think he said something like…he tried once and gained confidence in the field. Iz asked if he is regreted to join medicine instead of chemical engineering. he said it’s like a force wedding. he was married to a girl( medicine) instead of the other girl ( chemical engineering) but he learnt to love the girl (medicine) after the wedding. he learnt to love his career after he was forced by his dad to join the medical field. Kar seng asked if he has cause any death of patient. and he said yes. he said it was very depressing and he has to go through dispilinary actions and counselling.he tried his best but the baby died because of excessive blood lost. he also has gone through humiliation.

how big is an uterus : chicken egg

After that, we went for lunch. ate mixed rice with chicken, vege (beansprout) with teh ais, long queue >.<.

Slack at auditorium…

at 2.30p.m. we gather at the bilik seminar again..and they give us back out forms (copped). and tell us that they wont see us again and hope will see us again in the future, maybe 5/6 years..

we were led to the unit kecemasan…Dr. Fadzil greeted us and talk to us in the walkway…he said that this unit is very buzy and doctors working there has to decisive and ready to receive humiliation. people may just come to you, unhappily and complain to you, sometimes punch you (not yet receive by doctor fadzil). a doctor at unit kecemasan must know how to handle people, when gangster comes to your ward to receive urgent treatment. the unit kecemasan is divided into 3 parts, the green zone, the yellow zone, and the red zone. green zone is the counter part where minor emergency treatment is given. red zone is is emergency area. he showed us the emergency road where ambulance will bring patients to the hospital…and he stressed on “on-call” and the buziness at unit kecemasaan..and some doctors even attempted suicide or go into depression. he says that some people doesn’t know what is emergency, they take headache and leg pain as emergency, hence wasting the time of doctors and the time can be used to save emergency patients.

later, he bring us to the practical trainning room..with babies humans legs…where they give practical to stitch broken to give cpr..

later, he bring us to the fever room..then go home.

i have to fill the borang with penilaian and 3 questions. it has to be handed in during interview.

ready for interview, formal clothes and lists of documents.

have to take ujian khas online from 29/3-9/4
the interview is from 5/4-8/4

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