a day to the hospital

Today, monday, i went to school early morning, riding my dad’s motorcycle to school, old school, smk bandar utama. it was early in the morning like 7 am. i went straight to the office and talk to pn hasni (principal), and she told me to talk about how i get my 12A and talk about my own story.

below is my script

Good morning principal of SMK BU, Pn hasni, assistant principal, Pn. Suryani, teachers and friends. my speech will take only 5 minutes. I am very honoured to be given a chance to give a speech. First, I would like to thank my teachers. You have been more than a teacher- a mentor, guide, and philosopher. I have learn more than the textbook, I have learnt the way to live and the attitude I should have towards my life. I have never been a self motivated person, I thank teacher for teaching with enthusiasm everday and give me chance to ask stupid questions. Many of you have misconceptions about me, thinking that I get straight A, therefore I am a good student, but I have my own bad habit. I procrastinated quite regularly during my school life, I always do things last minute. Among the subjects that you cannot study last minute is history/sejarah. I get 40 marks for my trial exam for my sejarah, but I managed to get an A+ for my spm. The day before sejarah exam, I was so nervous that I cannot sleep, I seriously regretted not studying earlier, I stay up the whole night but I cannot remember anything and I end up sleeping. What I want to say is, what makes me get an A+ is not because of this last minute study, last minute study wont work all the time, do not ever take the risk to study last minute, it is better for you to enjoy life and spend some time everyday revising. I am a last minute person, and I regretted for not studying harder and smarter last year. I have been slacking away and not managing my time well, to tell the truth, I start getting serious in revising after my trial exam, and you can see a big gap between my trial result and my actual spm result. I don’t mean to say that you should only start studying after your trial, but I want you to know, to get a good result if you do last minute studying is not easy. After my spm trial, I continue to come to school everyday, I did this because I don’t want to miss my opportunity to confront teachers and ask them questions. I think my study style is less effective than my classmates. If I can adapt their study style, I could have get my 12A+. They don’t do last minute cramming, they manage their time well and spend time everday to do revision. Soo yang is a very unique person I met in life. He is an optimistic person. You can rarely see him frown. He is always nice to everyone. I wish I have his type of attitude towards life.
Here are some random studying tips. Efficient students do not underline! Underlining is not a productive way to emphasize textbook material. It’s best to use a highlighter. Study a little bit every day. Even if it’s just for five minutes on your busy days, it will help keep the material fresh in your brain. Find out your own concept of studying, everyone study differently and every method differs from a person to another. Study for the fun of it, study to know how to world works because What we learn with pleasure we never forget.. I encourage peer teaching. You friends are your teacher, some of your friends here has better study skills than me, I must admit that their examination results are better than mine, especially 5 adil this year, teachers can expect 10A+ student next year. Share your knowledge with your friends, accept questions, ask questions. If you can teach your friend, you have reached another level of studying. Don’t be arrogant and keep all the knowledge to yourself. Ignore any labels people put on you, anyone can be the no.1 student in the class, prove to your friends and teachers that you can do it if they underestimate your abilities. Don’t get too happy when you know more than others, instead, learn from people who know more than you.
Study after you’ve taken a nap and had a cup of caffeine. Don’t try the all-nighter method, or the one where you wake up after 5 hours of sleep to cram before the test. Fulfill all your basic needs before you get to working. Sleep, caffiene, food, etc. are all great things to do before you study, so that all your basic needs are met.
Lastly I would quote a saying.”those who succeed in life neither hold on too proudly to what they’ve achieved nor hurt themselves over what they did not, they only look to tomorrow to better than before.” Thank you.

pn. wong modified my script and added an introduction.

Yang berusaha Pn. Pengetua, Pn. Hasni binti Hassan, penolong kanan I, Pn. Suryani, penolong hal ehwal murid, En. Wan Marzuki, penolong kanan ko-kurikulum, En. Shahrul, ketua-ketua bidang, guru-guru, dan pelajar-pelajar yang dikasihi. Selamat sejahterah. Izinkan saya berucap dalam bahasa inggeris.

formatted introduction of smk bandar utama.

after the speech, have a short talk with pn wong about scholarship. Then, rush home to get my formal wear. It was 8.30 am and i have to reach hospital selayang by 9. i reached there on time, 9am sharp. registered my name. they divide us into 4 groups, A,B,C,D. each group consists of 12 people. my group has only 3 boys.

10am an one hour taklimat/ briefing in a meeting room. dr wong brief about the path of a doctor.

1) doctor has no life, you have to study for life.
2) doctor has no social life.
3) doctor has to learn everything related to medical field.
4) doctor has to be specialist to earn more $$
5) To be a doctor, requires lots of money
6) to be a doctor, you must really have interest in the subject.

After the briefing, we went for the first course, Pembedahan Am. the nurse explains to us the minor surgery doc’s has to make. including colonmetry pack…UTI, urinary track infection, GIT, gastrointestinal track…hernia

after that we had lunch in kafetaria.

rest for 1 hour.

Announcement: The program has shortened to 2 days. tomorrow 8am to 5pm will be the last day.

Later, we went to forensic unit. They showed us tools used in forensic room, to show us the different tools, some use for cracking the skull, some used to tear ribs, some used to cut organs…-.-, later they show us where they store the dead bodies that are not yet identified. and one female dead body…

1) you can donate your organs after death, but if your parents do not allow it even if you have sign the contract, the procedure cannot proceed.
2) every accidents must go through forensic investigation, to make sure doc’s / police’s know the cause of the death, and bring justice to the victim

Later we went to ortopedik unit. ortopedik is related to bones/ muscles. The nurse went on to say about nurse-doctor relationship. A doctor must coorperate with the nurse and vice versa, to maintain the health of the patient. communication between doctor and nurse is very important.

after that, waited for my dad and went home. blogged.

friends: tan kar seng, jack Goh, sharon, iz

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