ok today has to blog more.

Waiting for JPA scholarship (MAY). Hence, continue to study for A-level without telling teacher im going to quit.

After JPA result is out, if get, continue A-level with the scholarship. If did not get, register for stpm.

Last date for stpm is 1/june (i think).Check MOE website.

Stpm will be at my old school – SMK bandar utama.

Stop A-level before sem 1 finish (june).

The pros and cons of Alevel and STPM:

Fame(student is top 10 in the world)

Cheap but low quality

Recognizable worldwide
cannot enter local u
expensive degree
no sponsor

p/s: teacher encourages because they think i can get good results, but i wont take the risk of failing and end up not having enough money for XXX,000 degree.

Same standard as school

School (SMK Bandar Utama)
Cheap STPM
Must get all A to enter top local U
cheap uni XX,000

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