Ten reasons to stay single

For the single boy/girl or man/woman out there who are single. Here are some reasons that will make you rethink about the life you have now.
Being single are actually nice and feels good, I will stick with these benefits until the day i will marry, about the age of 25 to 30.

The first benefit of being single is your career will benefit.When a guy is climbing the corporate ladder, he can’t think twice about staying late at the office or hitting the strip club with the boss. Girlfriends demand quality time — as they should — but you won’t be able to give it to her if you want that corner office. If you ever hear that the guy in the next cubicle just got engaged, congratulations to you. You’re going to crush that poor sap while he’s out shopping for place cards.As a student, i prefer studies and friendship over couple relationship.

The second benefit is you never need to make plans for two. Happiness means never having to ask permission. The benefits of having a significant other — the nurturing and sharing and all that other crap — all go out the window as soon as your buddy asks you to go to Las Vegas and you realize you need to check with your girlfriend first. It’s not just the big trips, but the small ones that rankle most. Want to grab a quick bite or a dozen beers on a whim? Not so fast; she might have something else planned for you already. And it’s unlikely to include lap dances.

The third benefit is you will be healthier.


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