There’s a phrase saying that “inner beauty is more important than outer beauty”, but as human, we cannot neglect all our outer beauty. A person with good values is attractive but an attractive outlook is a adding point to our social interaction. Imagine a noble man who is honest and just, wearing an old baggy T-shirt and a short pants attending an wedding ceremony while others wearing neat suit, people will think that he is being disrespectful towards the marrying couple. Your outlook sometimes shows your personality, either through face gesture or body language.

The important tips im giving here is how to make yourself looks more confident. The first tip is to keep your hands out of your pockets. We put our hands in our pockets when we are nervous or uncomfortable. This will makes people think that you are uncomfortable around them and eventually dislike to interact with you. Besides that, putting your hands in your pockets encourages slouching, which is not good. A better solution to this is to keep your hands at your hips, this is a far more confident posture.

Second tip, do not fidget. Fidgeting is a clear sign of nervousness. A man who could not sit still is a person who is tense, worried and certainly not confident. Your hands may be your worst enemy, fight it to keep them still. You may play around with your hands but not in public, keep your hands calm and under control. Moreover, guys stop the rapid leg-vibrating gesture, you do not want to make yourself looks like a dog getting his belly rubbed.

Thirdly, keeps your eyes straight to the front. A person who constantly looks down to the floor shows people that they are nervous and not willing to join into a conversation. And if you are not careful, you may get into this habit and doing it all the time. keep your chin and eyes in front even if you are walking down the streets.

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