Lutheran Charity Banquet

I just came back from a banquet/feast at KL HGC convetion hall. I attended that event because my uncle bought 4 seats for my family, and he gave it to us. Me, my brother, baba, mummy were there. The event started with a long wait before the honoured guest finally arrived at the hall. We first sang out national anthem – “Negaraku”, not much people sang though.

Then we had our bishop phillip lok to give his speech. He told us that the banquet is to celebrate the opening of the luther center (headquarter of lutheran church in malaysia) and the raise funds for the Orang Asli churches.

Then the foods came in, with its grand ceremony.

The foods are great, as usual, the old chinese cuisine menu. First plate consisted of 5 types of food: crabmeatball, fishball, xiu mai?, vege and prawn.

Then, the auction event begins, yes auction. The items we bid are songs (people go up and sing) and artowrks (painting or writting).Amusingly, the first thing we bid is, the singing of our lecturer (professor), we managed to get RM 2000, with RM 500 as the lowest price. Afterthat is the bidding of artworks, not much people is interested in bidding.

Some of you may think that, why do church do such things like bidding. The money that we get all is to help the funding the churches in the rural/ remote area.

Then, we had great perfomances by two artists 雷圣雄 and 张汉林.

Then we sang birthday song to our bishop phillip lok.

Banquet ended, back to home.

Had a great day ^_^. I should buy some formal cloths to wear.

sidenote: shojo comic, here i come..Reading it for knowledge

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