Pasar Malam Ramadhan

I am back from Pasar Malam Ramadhan, located at Taman Tun, Beside the Jaipur Curry Shop. The pasar malam is unique because the stalls there only sell malay foods, no cloths, no accessories, just malay foods.

So i went there for a walk, there were plenty of malay foods, such as the pulut, kebab, kuih-muih, and lots, i cant name it, forgot the name already.

I bought two sticks of barbequed corn, and a virgin chicken on a stick ( Ayam Dara Buluh), Dara means virgin in malay. Virgin chickens, how cruel were they to kill such innocent chicklings, and i bought it. nevermind, i am going to try the virgin chicken, see how it tastes.

We bought nothing much there.

By the way, i am having steamboat in my house tonight, starting in 15 minutes time.

Lots of seafood, one steamboat, should have buy small steamboats for everyone.

sidenote: i want the stationary gym bicycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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