Still sick

Today i went to school with my flu…fever…coughing…

So i arrived at school and i cough cough cough..
I asked my friend to teach me accounts
After that, i have prefect rehearsal, for the installation day on next mon (10/8/09)
I was wearing a masked at the time of rehearsal…and felt stupid being the only one wearing a mask.
Teacher came by and advised me to go home after recess.
I take that advice as i am not suppose to enter the school ground or public
So i decided to go home.. but..
I have to fill forms which i dun like to fill…
The form entitled :”pemohonan balik awal”
There were so many empty boxes that have to be filled
I signed my name in the first box
Then i rushed to the 5 gigih class to get the second signature : Pn mani.’s
Rushed back to pejabat to get Encik wan’s signature
Then.. the last one is parents signature..
So my poor..transporter.. have to run with me.. to the pejabat to sign the ..paper.
End – terrible day-

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