New commitee of SMKBandar Utama

As usual lower 6 got the ketua pengawas (Head prefect) job again, are all form 6 crazy over the post?Maybe because they think that they should do something great because they are the eldest in the school, no offence to julian theseira..he is a great head prefect ^_^He can convince and manage people well

I noticed one thing too, most of the form 6 are….so talkative, practice for their interviews maybe..

Things i learnt to improve from form 6:

  1. Talk about anything to break the boredom, use sign languages, and move your body exaggeratingly when talking.
  2. Take any opportunities to improve your social skills.
  3. Be outspoken.
  4. Be active 24/7, including sleep.
  5. Be creative, of course..

Sadly, one of the timbalan ketua pengawas (vice Head prefect) resigned just because he did not get the job of head prefect. I think he aimed for the job for a long time already. Surprisingly, no one is sad about him resigning..sigh, people are so cold-hearted.

I will “retire” from my penolong biro disiplin post in 2 weeks time, woots, I think some of the prefects do not even notice who is their penolong sad..nevermind!at least i get to walk around during my prefect job ^_^ thats the privilege penolongs get.

I will attend public speaking and leadership camps and talks after my spm. To make sure i can pass my interviews in the future. Hopefully it will improve my social skills.

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