can i really get 12 A 1 in SPM?

I question myself everyday? Can I really get 12 A 1 in SPM?

Well, my Chinese teacher is the first one to not expect us to get A1 in Chinese.
She told us, if you get A2 is good enough.

If I cant get my Chinese A1, how can I get straight A1s.

Another tough subject for me is Sejarah (History), my problem is that I am always lazy to open the book to memorize the names, places, and events.

Science subjects are fine with me, I can understand them.

Mathematics and Additional Mathematics, I must guarantee myself to get A1.

Moral, 36 moral values, with their definitions, and some answering skills.

Accounts, I just have to glance through the works, and its all about formats.

English, Est and Malay……read more bah…

I always tell myself this, do not win for the sake of winning others, win yourself first.

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