university of cambridge!!

today, few ex-students (mantan-pelajar SMK Bandar Utama) of SMK Bandar Utama came to the school for some programme.

during assembly, we have prize giving ceremony for the Bulan Akademik achivers.

the ceremony lasts 30 minutes + and i managed to get 2 prizes, how fortunate i am, i shoot(tembak) all the questions. (the questions are too hard so i have to tembak..)

after the ceremony, ex students of SMK Bandar utama from London came and gave us a talk on how they achieve what they have now.

On the 7th period, the ex students asked the form 5s to go to the hall and they will give us a talk about how to enter those top universities.

tips to enter top universities
1) good acaddemically
2) sociable ( i need to train on this point)
3) leave impression on interviewers
4) be passionate to what you want to study

lesson of the day: learn to talk ( I do not talk because I do not know how to talk not that I do not want to talk)

teachers always ask the students to keep quiet, but for me, teacher ask me ” shaun, TALK!”

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