Follow the beat…

As usual, 4pm every sat, I will be at church, having the youth fellowship.

Today is a little bit different, we do not have our pastor with us, so we decided to learn some basic drum beating.
there are 4/4, 3/4, 2/4 beat. we do not have our drums so we clap our hands. claps claps claps.
then dont know who suggested it, we begin clapping our thighs.. claps claps claps..
first song comes in~~ claps claps claps….all messed up
second try, claps claps claps, even worse….
third try, claps claps claps, give up!
although we fail to master it in just one hour, we will master it the next time,
in the end of the day,
at least we know the basic symbol of music, such as whole note, half note, quarter note, and quaver..
and the stop sign, stop one beat, stop two beats, stop one and a half beat…
for more information on musical symbols visit:

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