Rules & Regulations:

*Do not copy answers

*The tag questions must be 100% the same

*Tag people after doing tag

*No tagging back tag..

1/6. Michelle Paulsen

2/7. Mary

3/8. Lim Shen

4/9. Zhen Yin

5/10. Shaun Ling

How you know 1? (Lay Yen)

– school .

What would you do if you never met 2? (Paeki)

– i’ll die , she’s such a nice person !

What would you do if 3&4 dated you? (Lim Shen & Zhen Yin)

– hmm , they were same class for 2yrs , i’ll congratulate them .

Would 5 & 6 make a good couple? (Lay Yen & Shaun Ling)

– absolutely no ! Lay Yen likes to talk and talk but Shaun …. speechless

Do you think 7 is attractive? (Paeki)

– quite lar .

Do you know anything about 8’s family?(Lim Shen)

– yeah , his sister’s smart like hell , his mother was a teacher and taught in Catholic before and his father is very smart in working and teaching his children .

What language does 2 speaks?(Paeki)

– Mandrin , Korean , Malay , Manglish

Who is 3 going out with?(Lim Shen)

– he’s not going out , he’s a busy BEE !

How old is 4?(Zhen Yin)

– 15

When was the last time you talked to 5? (Shaun Ling)

– 16hrs ago

Who is 6’s favourite singer? (Lay Yen)

– she don’t have a favourite for any entertainment

Would you date number 7?(Paeki)

– maybe , as a friend date .

What is 9 last name?(Zhen Yin)


Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?(Lay Yen)

– NO !!!!!!!

Which school does 2 go to?(Paeki)

– some school in Klang ? i seriously don’t know ….

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