Its been quite a long time i did not post anything here..
hehe im just being lazy

I usually take my afternoon nap around 3pm but today its kinda weird im awake o_O

I was thinking what to write … and i came across this topic

How to Be Confident ==’

Step 1: Don’t compare yourself with other people. It is a wasteful pursuit, and you could be doing something better with your time and energy.

Step 2:Consider attending leadership classes.
-*I do not support this point, i hate leadership classes especially prefect leadership camp, its was a nightmare*

Step 3:Listen to your inner monologue—your inner voice.
-*well i monologue all the time, which makes me quite stress sometimes *

Step 4:Speak positively at all times.
-*TOTAL support on this point, great success comes from great mind, well i should be optimist as what michelle said*

Step 5:Choose a role model *i wonder who is my role model o_O*

Step 6:Walk 20% faster than your normal pace, stand and walk with your spine straight and hold your chin high.
-*o_O hahas i walk quite fast everyday o_O although im short, my walking speed is fast ^_^*

Step 7:No matter how you look, feel good about yourself from within. This attitude will make you confident.

Step 8:Make a blog..

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