Today, at around 5p.m., my dad fetched me to Taman Tasik Shah Alam, Buku Jalanan is supposed to happen around the lake. We went there, and the place is hot, I decided to use car to find the Buku Jalanan venue instead. I had no luck in finding them, and the weather is hot, so … Continue reading meetup

ATM machine

Today, as usual I went to eat Roti Canai and Tosai with Teh Ais before work. Then, I went to buy newspaper and my gum. I had recently started a gum addiction during work, I cannot work without chewing gum. I work on the second website project. Sometimes I hit a wall and I don’t … Continue reading ATM machine

CodeIgniter notes #2

A controller page may looks like this

This is a controller named home, the home must be spelled in capital letter. When a person views your website at index.php/home, it will lead to this controller. At the index function, we may include

This will loads the view called home_view and passed in the … Continue reading CodeIgniter notes #2

Work, Haircut, World Vision, Utar Part time

Today, at 7.30a.m., Uncle Hew fetched me to work. I reached near my work place, I ate Roti Canai with Teh Ais at a nearby restaurant, bought The Star newspaper and went up to office. At the office, I first read news online and The Star. Then, I work on my AutoECU website. During the … Continue reading Work, Haircut, World Vision, Utar Part time

Psychiatrist letter and haircut

Today, before work, I went to Brain Mind Specialist clinic to take my psychiatrist letter. The UCSI Pharmaceutical Science dean wants a letter from psychiatrist to ensure that I will finish my studies. I signed the consent form and went out. The letter says I have social anxiety disorder and I am a hardworking person, … Continue reading Psychiatrist letter and haircut

UNITEN Chinese Society Chinese New Year Celebration

Today at work, I continue to update the website, adding pages. I am customizing the website to fit our company’s needs. After work, I went to UNITEN. Soo had invited me to UNITEN’s Chinese Society’s Chinese New Year Celebration. I went, there are chinese chess, diabolo, tea art, and more. I met Gan, Khirtiga, and … Continue reading UNITEN Chinese Society Chinese New Year Celebration