Should I study medicine? No.

Today, I had breakfast at Old Town White Coffee. Then, there is a WIP (Work In Progress) meeting. Everyone take turns to say what they are working on, I said I am working on travelsmarter, Peter seems to know that I have few things to do, but Jason defended that this is enough for me. … Continue reading Should I study medicine? No.

Listening to Greenday while working out

Today we have our WIP (Work In Progress), it is just a meeting where we come together to discuss our work this week. We have a new colleague joining us, he is the head of copywriter, Joos. Everyone take turns to report what they are doing this week, with the boss, Peter talking the most. … Continue reading Listening to Greenday while working out

First day at Gym

Today, as usual, Uncle Hew fetched me to Jaya One, I had breakfast and went up to office. Today, I got an email, the server access to the travel smarter ftp. I had finished reading Four Hour work week and is now reading Quiet by Susan Cain, a book about introvert in this extroverted world. … Continue reading First day at Gym