Why I would not drop out easily this time?

I have dropped out 3 times, most notably from USM. I dropped out once after 1st week there, and another time I didn’t even go to the university. The first reason I dropped out because I am overwhelmed by the environment. Everything seems new and scary to me. I panicked and don’t know what to … Continue reading Why I would not drop out easily this time?

What made me social?

I has not been the most social guy, or even decently social. I was anti social many times, not going out with friends, etc. However, things happen in the last few years that changed me for the better. The first is the breakup with my girlfriend. I think my bad attitude and my unwillingness to socialise … Continue reading What made me social?

Big Bad Wolf box sale

Today, at 8a.m., I went to see Dr. Vincent at Brain Mind Specialist Clinic. I waited for my turn then the pharmacist called me to enter. I told Dr. Vincent that I do not want to pursue Pharmacy and instead I want to work as a web programmer while studying part time degree at Utar. … Continue reading Big Bad Wolf box sale

Dr Vincent – Be comfortable with myself

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Vincent. We talked about my calendar, which is stuffed with activities such as swimming, youth group, events, coding, gym, I told him I am overwhelmed by all these. He said I am overly ambitious and should set realistic goal. I should make small goal first, such as attending … Continue reading Dr Vincent – Be comfortable with myself

Biased thinking

A popular treatment for social anxiety or any anxiety is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). According to CBT, our thinking affects emotion, emotion affects our behavior, and behavior affects our personality. It is our thoughts to events that made us anxious, especially biased thinking. A website that is recommended by my psychiatrist to combat social anxiety, … Continue reading Biased thinking

Few Subreddit suggestions

Reddit is the link aggregation website, and each user can upvote or downvote a link. Reddit is very popular and is used by 174 million users. Subreddit is like a group inside reddit where similar minded people may gather and discuss on that subreddit topic. Besides the default subreddit, which I think is good, I … Continue reading Few Subreddit suggestions

Books I read (scientifically sound self help books)

I had once decided to make this blog strictly about computer science or technology only, but I think adding some personal touch to it is OK because this is my blog and people come to my blog not just to read facts but also my perspective on things. So, for the first time, this blog … Continue reading Books I read (scientifically sound self help books)