Big Bad Wolf box sale

Today, at 8a.m., I went to see Dr. Vincent at Brain Mind Specialist Clinic. I waited for my turn then the pharmacist called me to enter. I told Dr. Vincent that I do not want to pursue Pharmacy and instead I want to work as a web programmer while studying part time degree at Utar. … Continue reading Big Bad Wolf box sale

Psychiatrist visit, yumcha with Wymond, Donate blood

Today is my appointment with Dr. Vincent, I went to Brain Mind Specialist clinic at around 9am. There were a lot of people and we waited. There are 2 people waiting in front of me, but it took like 30 minutes, Dr. Vincent does spend some quality time with each patient. Now, is my turn. … Continue reading Psychiatrist visit, yumcha with Wymond, Donate blood

Psychiatrist letter and haircut

Today, before work, I went to Brain Mind Specialist clinic to take my psychiatrist letter. The UCSI Pharmaceutical Science dean wants a letter from psychiatrist to ensure that I will finish my studies. I signed the consent form and went out. The letter says I have social anxiety disorder and I am a hardworking person, … Continue reading Psychiatrist letter and haircut

UCSI Pharmacy Interview 2015

I am interviewing for 2015 August intake to UCSI’s Pharmacy programme. I woke up at 8.30am, I bathe, brushed, and changed to formal clothes. At 9am, I used MyTeksi app to book a teksi. The app will automatically identify your location and you just have to type in your destination. The teksi came and he fetched … Continue reading UCSI Pharmacy Interview 2015