Visit to the Psychiatrist: Asperger Syndrome

Today, I went to visit Dr. Vincent, I told him that my colleague says that I have two personality, one is online personality, and one is real life personality. The online personality is more fun, talkative, etc, while the real life personality is quiet, keeping to himself. Dr. Vincent told me that he thinks I … Continue reading Visit to the Psychiatrist: Asperger Syndrome

Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia

Today, at 8.15a.m., my aunt drove my brother and I to Megacmc. Today, we have Sunday Celebration and holy communion. Today’s message is about faith again, it lists 6 reasons why we should have faith. You can listen to the sermon here. In the afternoon, my dad brought my mum, brother, and I to the … Continue reading Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia