Played back Maplesea

Today, I followed Jason to the new office to setup the new router so that everyone can have wifi. At night, I worked overtime (OT) to move things to the new office. I will give my resignation letter next week. During dinner, I didn’t talk much, Shannon, Joos, Yvonne, Von, Jason, and I went to … Continue reading Played back Maplesea

Being a nerd in Malaysia vs The USA

Growing up in Malaysia, my friends and schoolmates has been very understanding towards introvert people, I realise this may be due to Malaysia as one of the Asia countries. In Asia, people does not shunt introverts, or quiet people, they view quiet people as smarter, knowing when to talk and when not to talk. They … Continue reading Being a nerd in Malaysia vs The USA

Finished Quiet by Susan Cain

I had bread for breakfast and lunch. I did inner pages for travelsmarter and validate kana form. I finally finished reading Quiet by Susan Cain. The book is the first bestseller on the topic of introvert, I highly recommend it. I finished the book on my kindle paperwhite, by taking every free time to read, … Continue reading Finished Quiet by Susan Cain