Selective mutism

My brother had not spoken with my parents for few years, despite living with them all these while. I suspect my brother and I have selective mutism. Selective mutism is the anxiety disorder that makes you unable to speak at certain settings. Growing up, the most frequent trait I am associated with is quiet. I … Continue reading Selective mutism

Singapore CNY Trip 2016

It’s time to blog about my trip few weeks ago to Singapore. It was my first time in this country despite its near location to my own country, Malaysia. Initially, we wanted to go to Japan, but Singapore is a good alternative as I never went before, so it is an eye opener. Culture wise, … Continue reading Singapore CNY Trip 2016

Low Ma Ji Steamboat

Today, at 5p.m., my dad, mum, uncle, aunt, brother, and I went to Puchong to eat steamboat. The steamboat’s restaurant’s website is at here. I heard that the steamboat is based on the winter melon. When I arrived, I see this. It says: “I am not watermelon, if you did not eat me once, it … Continue reading Low Ma Ji Steamboat