Starting a new semester at UTMSPACE

This semester, I will be taking 3 subjects, each worth 3 credits. The subjects are SCSR1213 Komunikasi Rangkaian (Network Communications), SCSJ1023 Teknik Pengaturcaraan II (which we call TP2) (Programming Technique II), and SCSI1013 Struktur Diskrit (Discrete Structures). I am excited to start this new semester because I can finally move on to the next level … Continue reading Starting a new semester at UTMSPACE

My 2015 WordPress blogging statistics: Year in review

2015 is going to end and WordPress sent me a beautiful presentation on my blog’s statistics. The statistics is tracked by JetPack. Overall, I am satisfied with my posting rate, I posted 215 posts this year, mainly because I started to blog daily. However, I realised that sometimes blogging daily, I have not much things … Continue reading My 2015 WordPress blogging statistics: Year in review

Dr Vincent and Game development

Today, I had an appointment with Dr. Vincent again. I told him of my plan to join KDU Game development degree. He said that computer science is a broader field, and if I want to join game development after my computer science degree, it is still possible. He said I don’t have to follow his … Continue reading Dr Vincent and Game development

Ruby on Rails seminar by Harvard University

MegaSap CEO called me today, and he declined to give me a job, maybe because I quote my salary too high. He said I should have some experience in Ruby and Rails first. So, I went online and check for some tutorials. I remembered CS50 Harvard University website has good seminars, so I went looking … Continue reading Ruby on Rails seminar by Harvard University

Few Subreddit suggestions

Reddit is the link aggregation website, and each user can upvote or downvote a link. Reddit is very popular and is used by 174 million users. Subreddit is like a group inside reddit where similar minded people may gather and discuss on that subreddit topic. Besides the default subreddit, which I think is good, I … Continue reading Few Subreddit suggestions

How to find GCD of two numbers?

I am reading Scott Aaronson’s lecture notes on Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science to get inspiration and overview of the field. The notes encompass logic, math, computational complexity, cryptography, quantum computing and more. If we are given two numbers A and B, how do we find the greatest common divisor (GCD)? This is a … Continue reading How to find GCD of two numbers?

CS50x Week 12: Final Project!

Finally, I have reached the end of CS50x, this week we did our final project. There are many projects on display here. The projects are divided into several categories. You can use any skills your learnt in CS50x to aid in making your final project. Students are also encouraged to buy a domain for their final project. … Continue reading CS50x Week 12: Final Project!

CS50x Week 10

Javascript – Allows interaction with user. E.g. onclick, add html via .html(“string”), change CSS, etc. JQuery – library based on Javascript. Use Google chrome’s console log to debug when programming, can check for variable value or play with Javascript. To recap, HTML gives structure, CSS gives style, PHP gives logic, Javascript + JQuery gives dynamic/ … Continue reading CS50x Week 10