What I think about the church

I realised that most parents, eventhough they are not religious, want their child/ children to be in church. Maybe they think that church builds good characters in their children, is a place to learn socialization, or plainly just better than sitting at home on Sunday. But, they themselves dislikes going to church. I went to … Continue reading What I think about the church

Megachurch pastor (Kong Hee) is found guilty of fraud

As I have been monitoring this case since the beginning, three years ago. I always have a cautious attitude towards mega churches because they preaches prosperity gospel, which states that the more prosper you are, the more God is blessing you. You can immediately sense something wrong with this kind of viewpoint. This is materialistic … Continue reading Megachurch pastor (Kong Hee) is found guilty of fraud

Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia

Today, at 8.15a.m., my aunt drove my brother and I to Megacmc. Today, we have Sunday Celebration and holy communion. Today’s message is about faith again, it lists 6 reasons why we should have faith. You can listen to the sermon here. In the afternoon, my dad brought my mum, brother, and I to the … Continue reading Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia

Village Board Game

Today at 8.30a.m., I went with my aunt and brother to MegaCMC. It’s been a long time I have been to MegaCMC, my own church. I went up to second floor of the church and seated at the side. It starts with singing, then we read the scriptures. Then, it’s the sermon. Pastor Ho gave … Continue reading Village Board Game

How to keep up with the trend

I intend to write down all the steps that can be taken to follow the trend, or pop culture, how to mix with teenagers or 20s people. I shall share a story of what inspired this post. During my orientation at my university, UNITEN, we played a game where each person in a circle¬†have to … Continue reading How to keep up with the trend