Psychiatrist visit again: bought a book

Dr. Vincent says that he read my blog post about my chat with pastor.

Dr. Vincent says I have to be myself, there are things that cannot be changed, but some can be improved. He says that for example, he sees that other doctors that are more charismatic, he cannot be that, being own self is enough. He says he likes to deep talk too.

He says that I have some Asperger traits such as emotional sensitivity, lack of emotional expression. Being  mistreated as an aspie is not my fault, sometimes its the society’s ignorance of mental conditions.

He says that I have more expression today. I think because I tried to be light and fun. I also have to focus on non verbal communication.

He showed me a book “My Battle With Depression” by local author Irene Tan and sold it to me for RM10.

"My Battle with Depression" by Irene Tan
“My Battle with Depression” by Irene Tan

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