Chat with pastor

Today I had a good chat with Pastor. I told him about psychiatrist saying I have asperger, pastor says its just a label, you still have to move on with life.

And he says that social don’t need so many rules. If you want to improve socially, you have to go to real social situation, not practicing in front of computer.

Also, he says that I spent way too much time in front of computer, need to spend more time social with real people, not online chat.

He says that the reason why my social skills are not very good is because maybe my dad and mom’s relationship are not that good or I spent too much time in front of computer.

I could also use some humour in conversation. I have low self confidence and no initiate topic. He also point out that I care too much of what other people think.

He also said that I don’t look like someone with autism (自闭症).

Since I am behind academically from my friends, I felt self doubt, but pastor says its not too late, he started preaching at age 30, now with 6 years experience.

At last, he said I can visit him once a week if I want to.

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