Coral Sea – Jay Chou

海鸟跟鱼相爱只是一场意外 Cinta di antara burung camar dan ikan hanyalah kebetulan The love between a seabird and a fish is only an accidental occurrence I have wondered why does the lyric use seabird and fish to describe a love accident. Then I realized, that seabird eats fish, and the only time seabird will meet fish is … Continue reading Coral Sea – Jay Chou

Things I am grateful for

Hear jokes and sketches from top comedian in the world: Conan O Brien Watch live stream from White House (I like to catch up with world events), BBC, CNN, etc Watch top movies in the world at the time it was released: Captain America, Marvel, DC movies, Ironman (quarter billion dollar movie at the price … Continue reading Things I am grateful for