Don’t be a cheater

I have been reflecting on plagiarism recently, as a university student, I think it would be good for me to know this.

I think it is not uncommon for a university classmate to ask for assignment answers or “copying assignment”. Innocent as it may sound, it is a serious academic offence. One of the drawbacks is people who genuinely want to share knowledge with others shut themselves from sharing for fear of giving away answers to homework or assignments that need to be done by own self.

Some may disguise plagiarism attempts as sharing knowledge, sharing knowledge and plagiarism is different. If a person wants to share a knowledge with you, they may teach you how to learn by guiding you to places called books and library, not giving away answers to assignment. People seems to want to take shortcut (which it isn’t) when they can just pick up a book and learn, even lecture notes are given!

Lecturer or professor will give 0 if it is found that a person copied or let others copy his/her assignment. Lecturer or professor may not stress this point because they expect you to know, and maybe they are tired of saying this because people don’t listen, and wait for you to get caught. Some lecturer may be pressured into ignoring plagiarism because they cannot afford their students to get low grade, or because the student is a paying student.

I once answered a question posed by lecturer, and the lecturer suspects I used Wikipedia, but I actually took it from the lecture notes (simple answer, not full copying). This shows that lecturer is very suspicious of plagiarism by students, even if one does not commit it.

I have to admit that I am not entirely perfect, I had in the past copied code online and posted at Github gist without giving credit by linking URL, I fixed that now.

You may not know it, but the person you are asking to do your assignment or show you their assignment, they will hate you once they know you used them. Also, this is not the way to use connection, connection is for good, and both side benefits, not for leeching others work. Try to use your brain to learn and not to think of shady tricks to get other’s answers.

Whenever you see the assignment cover, treat it as confidential document, you are not allowed to open it without the author’s permission.

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