1.5 million Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia

Malaysia will be bringing 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers in over the next few years. This has caused some reactions from the Malaysian. The most ironic of all is response from some of Christian, who seems to have prejudice of Bangladeshi, giving subtle condemnation not only towards the move by government of bringing in foreign workers but also towards Bangladeshi workers themselves. I find this hypocritical and against the teaching of their religion.

Moreover, recently, I read a book on game theory. In the book, I learnt that, when a community has different ethnicity, and people do not trust people from another ethnicity, this does not only harm the relationship between people of different ethnicity but also among the people of the same ethnicity. This is not hard to imagine, in our modern society, if you have deep hatred towards other people of other ethnicity or ideology, people in your own group will also beware of you, first, I suspect, you violate your own ideology of universal kindness and peace. Second, if you are capable of such hatred, why would you not one day turn the hatred against our own group?

The solution is obvious, embrace people of different ethnicity, make this your universal guidance in life and morality, this, you will not run into paradox of treating only certain kind of people favorably while also holding the believe that God loves everyone.

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