A conversation between foreign colleagues and I regarding Malay special privilege

So, I was having lunch with my colleagues from Brazil and Pakistan, we were eating and chatting. Then my Pakistani colleague asked me what’s my plan for my education? I said I am currently taking a part time degree at UTM Space. He said “Universiti Teknologi Malaysia”? I said yes. Then my Brazil colleague asks, is that UiTM? I said no, the difference is one “i” and I cannot enter UiTM as it is for Malay students only. He asked me why? I said that there is this thing called Malay special privilege, where Malays are allocated certain quota/ seats in university. He asked is this something about “Bumiputera”? Apparently he had stumbled upon this issue too when he is buying house, he says that Malays/ Bumiputera can get 10% off a house!

Then my colleagues whisper to me, saying that they actually prefer Chinese over Malay, no racism intended =_=. It seems that when a policy is unfair, outsider can see it.

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