Random notes from the past

Did last travelsmarter edit
Farewell lunch tappers
Von treat ice mocha
Japan paid internship?
Great eastern charged me RM2400
Von says at new job if I Duno anything has to ask
Sent farewell email, refer hotmail
Amway 30% for 30 days, 20% for subsequent
Many products
Diamond emerald founder
Every Thurs talk
Talked a lot
With mum
Got my card
Demonstrate shampoo teeth washer
I can buy from Amway directly
If have partner more good
De Ann and teacher
Got a bag and brochure
Alarm system filtration artistry

Ask spca to come bayu take dogs
Waiting Lim JS to hike at gasing hill
He fetch
First time
Fear fall down
Whole body sweat
Many rests
Short route
He change line to sales, also do amway
Install uber
Eat with Lim JS at murni discovery
Chatted more
Fetch bro from uni, texas chicken

Sunday nothing

Raymond fetched me at 810, reached at 850
His car got GPS
We chatted
Admin Siew ping greeted me showed me my table
Usually PPL10am come
Fill form, employee handbook, door access card, offer letter
Read ebook
New guy management coo take me around, meet new people
Like cubicle, quite big place
Communicate via skype
Bring mouse, earphone
use office mac
Got a mac, added Skype groups
Install coco2DX
Eat at old Klang coffee with new colleague
Follow instructions. txt
Learn Cocos2dx
Went back at 7
Still not used to new colleague
Quite jam when going back

Feeling overwhelmed, quit on first day? Have to think of family, settle down
Rejected by fusionex
Australian company called
Eat outside ginger fish rice
Mynews called, interview at kepong, office near one utama, going to go!
Next time better think of distance also…before accepting job
Go back splash? Next week tell, cannot quit more than 1 year
Eat oyster egg, lamb, chao kuey teow with raymond yeong

Stayed at home, resigned
chatted with colleagues at skype, networked

Online surfing web
Amway talk
Don’t tell friends I’m Amway, bring weiming or de Ann to talk, watch them
Don’t post on fb
Don’t promote on online, promote face to face
Quite energetic talk, if reach certain can go cruise

Interview with bison store
I asked when can know result, she said can know result now
IT manager
don’t quit after few months
Went gym fetch ashley
Mum sick vomit
Somtimes emotional reasoning is good, for e.g. quit job at bukit jalil to join one avenue

Skipped 5adil reunion, dead of winter board game coz waiting for upu result
Eat with yp Kenjing, Janani didn’t come, buzy
Murni discovery
Yee Peng asks me his bro wants to do game development

Do nothing at home

Morning 8am reached
ate at the warung
introduced, got my card, brief me on what to do, build portal, ecommerce site, corporate website
got a girl worked one week here
chang wei lin my boss IT manager
Job bigger than I thought, one programmer manage mynews.com.my
Went out eat alone burger king, wei lin say can go lunch d
saw slumberger at 6th floor
Reached min Li place but didn’t go up

Buy short sleeve collar semi formal shirt
Lift card cannot use
decide to buy magento theme
Waiting upu result
UM, USM didn’t get, upu get unimas nursing, should I go? can change to comp sci or medic. or nursing ba…….
fb messenger desktop app is good, wechat web, whatsapp web
Decide to resign Now next month enter uni
Go HQ at kip
Meet finance boss looks like Kenjing and acts like him
Thursdaay meeting but I resign hahaha

Resigned, stay at home, didn’t listen to phone
Prepare unimas stuff
Accepted unimas offer
Wei Ling says well noted! good luck. didn’t get angry
Eat BBQ plaza korea one Utama
confirm unimas no matter what, no matter utm result

Stayed at home
Went to eat japanese cuisine
bought some tarts

If get utm part time, go utm part time, wait for UM, USM rayuan

If didn’t get utm part time, go unimas, wait for UM, USM rayuan, if didn’t get, go MMU/ UNITEN?

Wei Meng and De ann come demo

Intro the upline downline system aim for 21%

for mum, can aim for breakfast protein shake

Can ask them go when meetup with friend to be friends, let them talk

vitamin D, omega 3 for mum

bought toothpaste, vitamin, etc

they are friendly and I think this is a good business

they used device to test my bmi, subcutaneous fat, body fat, body age etc and mum too

nutrilite test protein, drink not bad
German language teacher on fb Marvin

Added fb badge to website

Brother silence talk more play more sports games
Autism test no standardize
Utm um USM MMU uniten
30k debt don’t want pharm
Unimas nursing better for girls
Amway sales
Scare Duno what to talk
Keep job hop
Cognitive app
Ask help for WordPress follow plugin
Half way come out
Wymond partner business
Website sermon
Register SSM
Sdn bhd
Cost 300k per year
Jiaying already working kan Xiang uni
Jyouth still exist
Gitbook put your achievements at your last show your achievement at last or let PPL find out

Discussed with wymond on where to code and where to brainstorm, excited!!

derk huan graduated, give speech, last time he asked me whether to go uniten, I said go, he top in bu3, I top in bu, I still haven’t enter uni

Wei meng and de ann come give demo, dishwasher, toothpaste, detergent etc, vitamin, lecithin, wei meng, Imu lecturer, er ku ku

shunka japanese restaurant

reserching japan travel package

Booked rm107 (2 nights, indoor first world, ripley) genting

Eat momo paradise

Booked bus ticket and skypark RM11
Eat at subway
If I have a billion dollar I will buy mph
The amount of info is staggering cheaply available
Marketing done right
I’m writing a book
Real book really feel diff from ebook
In bus 1115 depart 1130
Can use waze to determine remaining distance
Reached skypark 1230
Little PPL at skypark
Self check in kiosk
2 bed room
Walk around at 6
Ideas can turn real
Theory is practical
Watch mission impossible 630
Cybercafe RM20 per hour 900
Not that cold
Lao ban Yao xiao Jie ma
Another okt namecard

Too comfortable sleep woke up at 12
230 out brands outlet clothes nice
3pm bought ticket Ripley and indoor
Indoor few rides
Ripley boring
Back hotel
Dinner at Hao you ji
Rm83 very full
Return to hotel

Checked out 0800
Check in check out automated no need interact with ppl
Cable car
830 bought bus ticket
Signs are clear I know where the ticket counter is
Miss one u bus supppsed to be b4 930
Kl sentral bus 1030
Reached kl sentral lrt at 1130
Eat at third floor restaurant aircond western style
Got Utm offer
Accepted, wait um USM rayuan
Dinner 3rd floor

Got quotation from Daneal low reliance RM4600 for 2 PPL, mum apply leave, er kuku join?

Eat at 3rd floor
New year trip to oversea with family
Er kuku and mum can take leave
Reading rise of robots, interesting book about technology

Jio Jason Chen for trip
Jio Raymond yeong
Open cybercafe
Buy new wallet
New year family oversea trip

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