Random notes from the past 2

Dr vincent says im persistence, survival skill strong, not easy give up. I can be successful next time. Told him part time degree and work. Um appeal no get, he asks me if im sad. Car phobia. He asks me if i find out all these by myself or dad. I feel happy.
Real book > ebook
Ujian 1 easy
Access utm kl library
Library book dateline

Eeevo 2nd interview, do wordpress from psd
Erase less than 1 year working history resume

Take care cat for ashley ng
Keep want ppl to pet it
Wacana ilmu at utm kl menara razak dewan utama, came late, but not yet start
Computational mathematics
Lecturer remembers my name
My name 4 words
Learnt new method to solve matrix row enchelon form gauss jordan elimination
Bought one book rm20 only
Print resume for interview
Eat at organic shop at mony kiara

One day trip with mum to one utama
Next time bowling with marcus
NN25 parking
Eat tutti fruiti, charge based on weight
Today one u a lot ppl
Watched inside out nice moral
Bought one chinese book about communication carnegie comic
Tapao mcdonalds

Arrive at 830
Start 9 to 2
So fast finish
Boring lecture
Bought book bm english
Talked to iban classmate, she is senior, gonna register ssm company and do apps to google play store
Nice waffle and corn
Read time and forbes magazine in library
Last time want to watch movie, will check newspaper, now do online
Eat at 3rd floor
Finished watching utopia

Digital logic
Class smaller than expected
5pm 30min break
Fast finish, depend on lecturer 7pm finish
Stay in library
Library small but cool and quiet got computers
Eat sushi tei
Watched white christmas black mirror

Sah, mati setem, 2 diff saksi
Eat at hanz harvest and cafe
1230 from kl
1630 reached apollo hotel
Very fast processing at dsi utm, 7 counters
Talked to some ppl, one 1989, one 1983
Need to send documents borang perakuan back to utm space johor after disaksikan within 2 minggu
Check utm space portal
Question asked is full time equivalent part time, yes, sijil wont have bracket part time, transcript only write mode part time
Registered subject in group
No pengecualian kredit
Buy belt
Out at 430
Reached melaka at 0720
0830 eat chicken rice ball

RM2510 without flight
So much cash, debit card
Flight book ownself
Uncle fei give pocket money
Reliance travel
2 rooms without ocean park, Disneyland on second day
Bought lonely planet hong Kong book
Eat madam kwan
Eat 88
Go imigresen do passport
Come back fetch bro
Forgot bring ic, mum do first, wait 1 hour, previously 2 hours
Fast and efficient
The photographed picture looks nice
Transparent background
Mum got her first passport
Rm200 renew and first time
Dinner happy city steamboat and BBQ not that nice
Booked one xiaomi cam recorder from lelong
Eat two pesos
Um orientation complaint on confession page
Pohon USM rayuan didn’t get
Received world vision drawings
Eat dessert at sweet bean
Haircut baby and guys
Bersih shirts arrived
Xiaomi xiaoyi arrived
Packed bag

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