Megachurch pastor (Kong Hee) is found guilty of fraud

As I have been monitoring this case since the beginning, three years ago. I always have a cautious attitude towards mega churches because they preaches prosperity gospel, which states that the more prosper you are, the more God is blessing you. You can immediately sense something wrong with this kind of viewpoint. This is materialistic and not according to the teaching of Jesus which has more humility tone and not actively seeking richness.

As the case unfolds, few days ago, Singapore court has finally found Kong Hee and gang guilty of fraud. There are a few things I would like to share. That is, the response of the Christians at City Harvest Church, the church Kong Hee is found guilty misusing funds from. Most of the Christian are supportive from the start and even after the verdict, still supporting him. Before this, they were saying only God can judge, I agree only God can judge, but why do you judge guilty politician such as Najib that misuse funds also?

Second, they say that humans are not perfect, everyone makes mistake, do you not? Yes, people do make mistakes, then why do you not forgive politician like Najib, instead you go to the streets to protest and make mocking memes about him (I am not supporting Najib)? Why the double standard? It seems to me that you are not viewing what is right and what is wrong, but rather, what is theirs and what is yours. This idea is very dangerous, because you can be wrong, but still supporting your people because it will protect your belief.

Another view I want to discuss is does Kong Hee really repent? No. He apologize dto the christians of the church and the christians applauded, but nowhere in the apology says that he misused the fund, rather, he is sorry that it brings so much trouble for the church. Firstly, he knowingly misuse the fund, that means, he made conscious decision to steal the money. Second, he is still not spilling the truth that he misuse the fund, from 2012, he was denying of wrong doing while he knows he is misusing the fund.

Many people are viewing this case, and I believe the irrational support of Kong Hee’s believers will make many Christians disgusted and leave the church. This is why many young christian are leaving the church in this modern times with these cases coming to light. I am also wary that megachurches pastors such as Joel Osteen or prosperity gospel preacher might do the same mistakes, because they believe the more wealthy you are, the more blessed you are. Why do Christians in the church today support or read books from megachurches pastors? They are brainwashed.

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