I don’t need to study Malay anymore

I always told myself I don’t need to study Malay anymore, starting from the time I was in Form 5, I thought after my SPM, I going to stop using Malay altogether, I will join the ranks of english educated people. How wrong I was, after my SPM, I joined STPM. At the end of STPM, I had the same thought too. Why was I so obsessed with quitting using this language? Maybe its the culture surrounding me that thought malay is a secondary language in the world stage, english is more “high class”. But I was wrong, how wrong I was!

I now think that Malay is an important language because I am a Malaysia, I need to understand the language to understand my fellow Malays and their culture. English may be more important in the world stage, but we need to preserve Malay language in Malaysian, that is why I encourage people to use BM in Government and administrative tasks. It unites us all regardless of Chinese, Malay, Indian, etc.

I am starting to like Malay culture more and more, the combination of Chinese and Malay and Indian culture makes us unique, this feels home.

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