Ryan Boundless replied me!

Today at work, I used the plugin Polylang to translate the Travelsmarter website, I had good progress. Also, Ryan Boundless replied my question about my plan to work at Japan. I applied to Australia jobs via internet, and it is very easy. Jason asks me to download the live site to the local server and install … Continue reading Ryan Boundless replied me!

How to store passwords securely in database

I am thinking of making a mini social media to learn all the issues and lessons that I can learn from making a mini social media. So, the first step is to create a way to store the passwords of users securely. I refered to this guide (How to store passwords safely with PHP and MySQL). … Continue reading How to store passwords securely in database

Study at Japan?

I joined Interpals after being introduced by this video. Uncle Hew told me that he can fetched me to my new work place at Bukit Jalil Technology Park, but it has to be 11am and it costs RM25. I fixed Matilda email bug that is the php cannot send email from my specified address instead … Continue reading Study at Japan?

Lunch with De Ann (New friend from Maplesea)

Today I have lunch with De Ann and Wei Meng. Ming Wei is friend of De Ann, he is a PhD candidate from IMU, he is also a pharmacist. We chatted a lot and Wei Meng introduce me to Amway direct sales, he showed me Ipad slides and told me that this is not MLM/ Pyramid … Continue reading Lunch with De Ann (New friend from Maplesea)

What made me social?

I has not been the most social guy, or even decently social. I was anti social many times, not going out with friends, etc. However, things happen in the last few years that changed me for the better. The first is the breakup with my girlfriend. I think my bad attitude and my unwillingness to socialise … Continue reading What made me social?

How to network with people Ted talk

I was watching this video while at the gym riding the bicycle. Two main types of networking, serendipitous networking and strategic networking. Serendipitous networking is casual networking, you bump into someone without intention. Strategic networking is networking when you know your target. Five reasons why people network. For business, for job. To learn something, to … Continue reading How to network with people Ted talk

Form 6 mini reunion

In the morning, my dad and I visit IG Interactive office at Bukit Jalil Technology Park. It was raining. When I buy new macbook, I will give the desktop and laptop to my dad, also help to install steam to dad’s computer. I asked via email to Howard on what model of Macbook should I buy. In … Continue reading Form 6 mini reunion


In the morning, I had Dimsum at Damansara Utama at 8.30a.m. with my relatives (大姑姑family and 小姑姑 family with 二姑姑 and 肥叔叔). Then, I went to have haircut at Baby and Guys at SS2, my mum and I have haircut there. My haircut costs just RM15. At 3.30pm, my relatives and I went to TGV … Continue reading Antman