Getting a job without degree in Malaysia

Let me introduce myself, I am a web programmer at a relatively medium size website company building websites, apps, and games. My highest qualification is STPM (equivalent to A-levels). I did not have degree, I did not pursue it for many reasons (I will not mention it here).

So, it is possible to get a job as a web programmer in Malaysia without a degree. However, note that the competition is fierce, I outcompete people with degree to get this job and this is not easy. I done this by showing my portfolio of websites and games that I made. I am the only applicants who does not have degree that is called by my employer, others all have degree, so I am pretty competent and lucky.

Second, note that the salary of an employee without degree is limited. My salary is a bit lower than one with degree.

So, it is possible to get a job in Malaysia without degree but there are setbacks. Good luck to you, if you are without degree and wonder whether to get a job!

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