Visit to the Psychiatrist: Asperger Syndrome

Today, I went to visit Dr. Vincent, I told him that my colleague says that I have two personality, one is online personality, and one is real life personality. The online personality is more fun, talkative, etc, while the real life personality is quiet, keeping to himself. Dr. Vincent told me that he thinks I have 50 to 60 percent chance of being an asperger. This is a revelation to me, I didn’t know I am an asperger! I am calm and collected when I hear that. He told me to accept myself but keep on improving. It’s good to make mistakes. He told me that I fear talking in real life, but I cannot control what others think and feel, stop being so anxious.

I know that aspergers are geniuses but have problem socializing. Asperger can concentrate very hard on one subject. When socializing, asperger may have too many stimulus. Dr. Vincent told me that he had seen asperger before in his working life, he told of an aspie who don’t like to go to college, because he finds the lecturer boring as he already knows the subject. Dr. Vincent advices me to find my talent and go with the flow. I showed Dr. Vincent my blog and he told me that he has 2 active patients who blogged, he bookmarked my blog. Dr. Vincent asks me to research about asperger, he said there is no scientific test to test whether a person is an aspie. He said don’t be discourage by it, it is natural.

After that, I had breakfast with dad at Old Town White Coffee, I told my dad about me having asperger, I showed him wikipedia article on asperger, he bookmarked it on his phone.

At night, we ate at Palsaik, 8 types of flavour meat Korean BBQ. I saw On FM is at the same place as Palsaik, Von is having an appearance on On FM tonight.

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